Skip the Waiting Room is the best way to find walk in clinics in your area.
We have up to date schedules, contact information, and let you book appointments online.

Step One - Choose a Walk in Clinic

Step One

Choose a walk in clinic provider that offers online registration and book your appointment.

Step Two - Wait to be Contacted

Step Two

Skip the Waiting Room determines the appropriate time for you to leave and sends you a phone call or text message.

Step Three - Arrive at the Clinic and Relax!

Step Three

Arrive at the clinic, check-in and relax. Our goal is to have you in front of the doctor shortly after you arrive.

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National Medical Group

National Medical Group has been built with the combined effort of physicians and professional healthcare workers to bring to you the National Medical Centres of Ontario. The National Medical Centres are dedicated on providing services that decrease wait times in urban communities and increase access in rural communities throughout Ontario. In order to do so National Medical Group has connected with leaders in the world of healthcare technology. It is National Medical Group's mission to provide a shorter commute to a Medical Clinic that offers excellent care. Not only do the National Medical Centres aim to manage and treat your illness or injury; they also make sure that the environment is comfortable for you to visit. Being ill already takes enough toll on your body and mind. With National Medical Group's professionalism in combination with compassion you should not feel any additional uneasiness.

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