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Step One - Choose a Walk in Clinic

Step One

Choose a Walk in clinic provider that offers online registration & book your appointment.

Step Two - Wait to be Contacted

Step Two

Skip the Waiting Room determines the appropriate time for you to leave & sends you a phone call or text message.

Step Three - Arrive at the Clinic and Relax!

Step Three

Arrive at the clinic, check-in & relax. Our goal is to have you in front of the doctor shortly after you arrive.

Walk in Clinics With Online Registration in ON

Lakeshore Health Centre

All Lakeshore Health Centre Clinic Locations
Lakeshore Health Centre image

Binbrook Family Health

All Binbrook Family Health Clinic Locations
Binbrook Family Health image

Brar Medical

All Brar Medical Clinic Locations
Brar Medical image


Chenab Medical Clinic

All Chenab Medical Clinic Locations
Chenab Medical Clinic image

Doctors R Us

All Doctors R Us Clinic Locations
Doctors R Us image


Dusk Medical Centre

All Dusk Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Dusk Medical Centre image

Health Plex Medical Centre

All Health Plex Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Health Plex Medical Centre image

Heartland Walk-in Clinic

All Heartland Walk-in Clinic Locations
Heartland Walk-in Clinic image

Lacoste Walk in Clinic

All Lacoste Walk in Clinic Locations
Lacoste Walk in Clinic image

McQueen Clinic

All McQueen Clinic Locations
McQueen Clinic image


National Medical Group Brampton

All National Medical Group Clinic Locations
National Medical Group Brampton image

Phoenix Medical Clinic

All Phoenix Medical Clinic Locations
Phoenix Medical Clinic image

Royal West Medical

All Royal West Medical Clinic Locations
Royal West Medical image

Torbram Medical Centre

All Torbram Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Torbram Medical Centre image

Wexford Medical Clinic

All Wexford Medical Clinic Locations
Wexford Medical Clinic image

York Medical

All York Medical Clinic Locations
York Medical image

Essex Walk-In Clinic

All Essex Walk-In Clinic Locations
Essex Walk-In Clinic image

Garson After Hours Walk In Clinic

All Garson After Hours Walk In Clinic Locations
Garson After Hours Walk In Clinic image

Dr. Balas Walk-In Medical Clinic

All Dr. Balas Walk-In Medical Clinic Locations
Dr. Balas Walk-In Medical Clinic image

Hamilton Medical Walk-In Clinic

All Hamilton Medical Walk-In Clinic Locations
Hamilton Medical Walk-In Clinic image

John Street Medical Walk-In Clinic

All John Street Medical Walk-In Clinic Locations
John Street Medical Walk-In Clinic image

Medical Arts Walk-In Clinic

All Medical Arts Walk-In Clinic Locations
Medical Arts Walk-In Clinic image

Mountain Medical Walk-in Clinic

All Mountain Medical Walk-in Clinic Locations
Mountain Medical Walk-in Clinic image

PRG Walk-In Medical Clinic

All PRG Walk-In Medical Clinic Locations
PRG Walk-In Medical Clinic image

Queenston Medical Walk-In Clinic

All Queenston Medical Walk-In Clinic Locations
Queenston Medical Walk-In Clinic image

Stoney Creek Medical Walk In Clinic

All Stoney Creek Medical Walk In Clinic Locations
Stoney Creek Medical Walk In Clinic image

Georgina Health Centre Keswick

All Georgina Health Centre Clinic Locations
Georgina Health Centre Keswick image

Balmoral Walk in Clinic

All Balmoral Walk in Clinic Locations
Balmoral Walk in Clinic image

LaSalle After Hours Walk-In Clinic

All LaSalle After Hours Walk-In Clinic Locations
LaSalle After Hours Walk-In Clinic image

LaSalle Medical Clinic

All LaSalle Medical Clinic Locations
LaSalle Medical Clinic image

Commissioners Medical

All Commissioners Medical Clinic Locations
Commissioners Medical image

Ernest Medical Walk-In Clinic

All Ernest Medical Walk-In Clinic Locations
Ernest Medical Walk-In Clinic image

CareMedics Elmvale Manotick

All CareMedics Clinic Locations
CareMedics Elmvale Manotick  image

Milton Family Care Centre

All Milton Family Care Centre Clinic Locations
Milton Family Care Centre image

Milton Trails Medical Clinic

All Milton Trails Medical Clinic Locations
Milton Trails Medical Clinic image

Alexandra Medical Clinic

All Alexandra Medical Clinic Locations
Alexandra Medical Clinic image

Alpha One Medical Center

All Alpha One Medical Center Clinic Locations
Alpha One Medical Center image

Britannia Medical Centre

All Britannia Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Britannia Medical Centre image

Burnhamthorpe Medical Clinic

All Burnhamthorpe Medical Clinic Locations
Burnhamthorpe Medical Clinic image

Churchill Meadows Medical Centre

All Churchill Meadows Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Churchill Meadows Medical Centre image

Confederation Medical Centre

All Confederation Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Confederation Medical Centre image

Credit River Medical Clinic

All Credit River Medical Clinic Locations
Credit River Medical Clinic image

Credit Valley Health Center

All Credit Valley Health Center Clinic Locations
Credit Valley Health Center image

Floradale Medical Clinic

All Floradale Medical Clinic Locations
Floradale Medical Clinic image

Hurontario Medical Centre

All Hurontario Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Hurontario Medical Centre image

Lakeshore Cawthra Medical Centre

All Lakeshore Cawthra Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Lakeshore Cawthra Medical Centre image

Meadowvale Professional Centre

All Meadowvale Professional Centre Clinic Locations
Meadowvale Professional Centre image

Medical Care Centre

All Medical Care Centre Clinic Locations
Medical Care Centre image

Mississauga Urgent Care Clinic

All Mississauga Urgent Care Clinic Locations
Mississauga Urgent Care Clinic image

National Medical Group Mississauga

All National Medical Group Clinic Locations
National Medical Group Mississauga image

Parkerhill Medical Centre

All Parkerhill Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Parkerhill Medical Centre image

Queentario Medical Centre

All Queentario Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Queentario Medical Centre image

SMD Medical Clinic

All SMD Medical Clinic Locations
SMD Medical Clinic image

St George Walk-In Clinic

All St George Walk-In Clinic Locations
St George Walk-In Clinic image

Star Medical Centre

All Star Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Star Medical Centre image

Sumeet Medical Clinic and Walk-in

All Sumeet Medical Clinic and Walk-in Locations
Sumeet Medical Clinic and Walk-in image

Twain Walk-In Medical Clinic

All Twain Walk-In Medical Clinic Locations
Twain Walk-In Medical Clinic image

Van Mills Medical Centre

All Van Mills Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Van Mills Medical Centre image

National Medical Group Mount Forest

All National Medical Group Clinic Locations
National Medical Group Mount Forest  image

Head to Toe Clinic

All Head to Toe Clinic Locations
Head to Toe Clinic image

Near North Medical Clinic

All Near North Medical Clinic Locations
Near North Medical Clinic image

Waterfront Medical Centre-York

All Waterfront Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Waterfront Medical Centre-York image

Abbey Medical Centre

All Abbey Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Abbey Medical Centre image

Glenashton Medical Centre

All Glenashton Medical Centre Clinic Locations
Glenashton Medical Centre image